Do you have pressing MQL targets? Are you struggling to find quality leads that convert into revenue?

My Outreach will help you reach your lead gen targets by providing your sales team with high calibre leads obtained through content syndication campaigns, and then go one-step further by coaching them on the best way to convert.


Have a chat with one of our friendly consultants to establish:

- Why is this important?

- Who are we trying to reach?

- What are we trying to promote?

- When are we looking to launch?

- How are we measuring success?

We can then tailor a campaign to your specific needs.


Once we've established your target audience, we can then advise on the best way to reach them.  We can target by:

  • Intent

  • Behaviour

  • ABM

  • Job Title

  • Company Size

  • Industry

  • Geo

  • Vertical

  • Revenue

  • BANT


We can generate leads through a number of different channels including:

  • Organic Inbound Content Syndication

  • Scalable Outbound Content Syndication

  • Telemarketing

  • Email campaigns

We use state-of-the art delivery and validation software to ensure that all leads are verified and all data is processed in accordance with GDPR.

Leads are delivered directly into your CRM or via a secure spreadsheet file.



It's important that marketing and sales are aligned.  We work with both departments to ensure each campaign is set up for success.  This includes:

  • Briefing Sales Team

  • Best Practice

  • Do's and Don'ts

  • Nurture Training

  • Industry Trends

  • Follow-up Guide