Sadly, the majority of your target accounts aren't interested in making a purchase right now.  What if you could focus your sales and marketing efforts towards companies who are in-market for your solutions?

What is Intent data?

Intent data is a collection of datasets that predicts when a company is going to make a purchase, based on their behaviour.  By looking at research activity, frequency and intensity; along with tech stacks (install data); and contracts (spend data), we can now approach our target accounts with intelligence.

Can we use the intent data for lead gen?

We can use intent data to fuel lead generation campaigns with the end result being intent-based leads.

First we scan the market to identify which accounts are in-market for your solutions.

Then, we engage with the purchasing committee within these accounts to introduce your brand and get your content in their hands.

Once we've obtained their opt-in for future marketing comms, we validate the lead and hand it over to you

What intent data do you use?

We have access to intent data from a number of industry leading providers.  Depending on your target audience and unique marketing objectives, we will advise on the best data source for your business: 

  • Bombora

  • HG Insights

  • TechTarget: Priority Engine

  • Aberdeen Group

Is intent data a magic bullet?

Having intent data is like switching on the light in a dark room.  Suddenly, you can see all the information that you was blinded to before.  This means you can now approach your accounts with intelligence and confidence.

On average, we see an increase in conversions as well as deal size.  That said, intent data is not a magic bullet and should still implemented as part of a holistic marketing strategy.



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