With 52% of companies relying on whitepapers when making a B2B tech purchase, it's important to make sure it's your content they are reading.

My Outreach will create you compelling content that you will have full ownership of and can use for your lead generation strategy.


When it comes to lead generation, content is king!


Before making a purchase, a potential customer will consume content from a number of different sources to help inform them on what they should buy and who they should buy from.

For example, IT decision makers consume 17 pieces of content on average when making a complex B2B tech purchase.

Content may include, eBooks, whitepapers, research reports, Dummy Guides, blog posts, editorial content, infographics, webinars, reviews, forums and social media posts.


To be in the running as a potential supplier, it is critical to get your content in the hands of these prospects before they make a purchase.

My Outreach can help you create the right content for the right audience.



In the six months leading up to a complex B2B tech purchase, 52% of companies will consume whitepapers (higher than all other media types) to help inform their purchasing decision.


Whitepapers explain the approach that companies take to solve a business problem; or to point out the latest trends that are overtaking the industry; or to identify the emergence of newer technologies; or to publish results of primary surveys and secondary research; and a lot more.

Averaging 3000-5000 words and approximately 10 pages, they are often a company's most comprehensive content and thus gated for lead generation.

Using your brand guidelines, research materials and brief, our content creation team will create a compelling, educational whitepaper that you have full ownership of.


While whitepapers are comprehensive and technical, eBooks are a lot more digestible.

Expect eBooks to provide a high-level overview of a given subject without "getting into the weeds".   They educate the reader with bite-size, easy-to-understand information. 

While whitepapers are scholarly in tone, leaning on statistics and research, eBooks allow your company's personality to flourish and add a more light-hearted touch.

Coming in at 2,000-10,000 words, these are fantastic for lead generation.  Our content creation team will help create the perfect asset for your marketing objectives.



In the age of email overload, webinars can help your company cut through the noise.


73% of B2B marketers say that a webinar is the best way to secure high quality leads and according to a survey by Demand Gen Report, 76% of B2B buyers have used webinars in the past 12 months to make a purchase decision.

Averaging 60 minutes in length, these interactive presentations are used to demo a product, unravel a case study or explain a subject in detail.  Webinars allow you to engage with your prospects in a way that conventional mediums cannot.